1. Test Driven Development of Two Stack Implementations

The task will show that even tests can be reused, by applying inheritance and interfaces. The specification of the stack is given through its interface, which can be implemented in multiple ways, of which you will tests and implement two.

Task link: Two Stacks.

Netbeans starter project will be inserted into your repository.

2. Fraction TDD

Test driven development of a fraction class.

The task has been a Java1 (the precursor of PRC1) exam task.

There is a task description and a rather empty NetBeans project with one working test and a broken Fraction.java file. This is your starting point.

NetBeans starter project will be in your respository.

3. Polymorphism

Assume the following class Hierarchy:

class extending and implementing.
class B extends A implements I,J {

After the statement B b = new B();, will the expression b instanceof J yield true?