1. Regular Expressions

Task description in task description regex The promised LaTeX file is here

2. Templating Engine

Think serial mail or mail merge or something similar. That is what this exercise is about.

The code is also a kind of template, you need to fill in the empty spots, like in an assessment.

There will be talk about sigil, a magic sign. In the example we use two: '{{' as starter and '}}' as terminator, but the solution is flexible enough to take any other pair you like. Sigil is the for the character or character sequence given to mage parsing of text easier. By choosing a proper set the will not handicap what you can write in you template text.


sigil symbols

3. State machines. Having a ball with tdd.

Task description in pdf, same for state semantics for using choice pseudo states. The initial NetBeans/maven project will be be handed out via your USB stick. You will do this exercise with the tooling provided during the performance assessment. You will be helping to see if working with maven in an exam setup is doable somehow.

Our notes on this lecture/task and part of the solution can be found through Lecture notes on gum ball machines netbeans (actually, maven) project in a zip