1. Do the rest mocking and testing workshop.

The exercises have two maven projects: the workshop and the mocking server, all packed in one zip. Add the content of the zip to week 8.

Doing the workshop in this case is doing add TODOs. ( CTRL+6 in netbeans).
Please stay within the code folds.

Note that the current solution (of which you have a part) is a bit flawed, so do not dispair if things are not always working as expected. We are approaching the hard turf now…​
We hope to create an update as soon as possible.

2. Create a Restful service using the president database from DBS

  • Create a RESTful API service for the entity President of the President’s database.

    • alter the table pres_marriage to have a column divorce_year

    • The use case and API should support: add a spouse and update the divorce column of the previous wife. It is a State operation on said table.

  • Without say: work test driven, that is set up your rest easy test first.
    Use restassured as testing framework. You are allowed to have a peek at your
    service using the Advanced Rest Client Advanced Rest Client.

You can start with the project in the lessondemos: trivialrestdb