1. Threads and sockets.

This weeks exercises require the study of the Oracle Networking Tutorial

1.1. File IO and Streams.

Implement a simple tool that can append textfiles to an archive file, and can extract files from it again afterwards. The task description is in Archiver Assignment

1.2. Implement an echo service.

Write a program that echos the input from the user. The user connects with telnet to the port on which the service listens. A good choice for the port could be 12345.

To make sure that it is your server program working, make it do something to the use input instead of just echoing. Like capitalize of reverse the input string.

After you started the server, in an other command line window you should be able do something like in the example session.

example session
$ telnet localhost 12345
Hello client, I am the magic echo service. Please input your strings or
make me stop with an empty line.
hello world
dlrow elloh


1.3. Simple translation service.

Implement a simple text translation server and client. The task description is in Simple rest api