1. Kaos at HQ

Intro into testing, and why test first and not afterwards.
Kaos is a DVP only task, although that still means you will write Java code.

Task link: Kaos narative.

Netbeans starter project: Project in zip

The pictures in the pdf files are the actors/characters in the original series.

You kids may have seen the modern movie Get Smart, featuring Steve Carell as the dumb ass agent and Anna Hathaway as the kick butt side kick.

2. Fraction TDD

Test driven development of a fraction class.

The task has been a Java1 (the precursor of PRC1) exam task.

There is a task description and a rather empty netbeans project with one working test and a broken Fraction.java file. This is your starting point.

Netbeans starter project: Project in zip

3. Polymorphism

Assume the following class Hierarchy:

class extending and implementing.
class B extends A implements I,J {

After the statement B b = new B();, will the expression b instanceof J yield true?